Hard to Swallow Podcast

Raw… Racy… Kitchen table talks over wine with friends. Immerse yourself in laughter as we cover relationships/dating, sex, Black/LGBTQ/Women issues, social consciousness, self-help and more. Have you had your hard to swallow pill this week?

S3 Bonus: BRTB TV presents Sit Down with the House of Swallow, PT II

June 7th, 2020

Check out this special live segment with Ceasar, Creator of Ballroom Throwbacks TV and Triangle Web Series! The Hard to Swallow hosts sit down with special guest Miasha aka Meeka Prodigy from the (not-so) underground ballroom scene! During this panel we covered: Black Lives Matter protesting and looting, Iyanna Dior brutally attacked in Minnesota, Insecure recap and reconciling with exes, all this and so much more!

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