Hard to Swallow Podcast

Raw… Racy… Kitchen table talks over wine with friends. Immerse yourself in laughter as we cover relationships/dating, sex, Black/LGBTQ/Women issues, social consciousness, self-help and more. Have you had your hard to swallow pill this week?

S3 Episode 2: Is He Or Isn’t He Your Ex?

April 24th, 2020

Hi, Swallowerz, we were on Instagram live these last two weeks! If you missing the show, follow me on IG @Aint_i_emery and @hts_podcast. Here is the show from April 23rd. We covered hot topics: Georgia governor reopens the state, Lisa Raye says the Kardashians changed the body game, Teddy vs Baby Face IG Battle, Little Fires Everywhere and more. We let the folks "Ask the House of Swallow" questions or join in on video. Topic of the Day: IS HE OR ISN'T HE YOUR EX?


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